excellent performance of Taiwan vocational and technical education in recent
years has brought it to worldwide favour. Many overseas students are attracted
to Taiwan by its reputation and famous universities.  One of those universities, Chaoyang University
of Technology in Wufeng, Taichung, has a rapidly growing number of foreign
students. To help students settle into the Chaoyang community and focus on
their studies, Chaoyang provides a comprehensive daily care system for every
one of its foreign students.
is committed to building an international campus, which includes establishing a
Host Family system,” said Xu Bi-Ying, the vice chairman of the
International and Cross-Strait Department. Host families will invite
international students to spend family time at their homes and experience
Taiwanese culture during special holidays, such as Dragon Boat Festival. This
not only means a lot for oversea students, but also creates unforgettable
wonderful memories of their university life. In another event, ‘Walk around
Taiwan’ is a day trip for international students who walk with local students
and visit famous sites such as Sun-Moon Lake, Sitou and The Monster Village and
enjoy local culture.
meticulously plans its ‘International Cultural Festival’, where international
students from countries including Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong can get
creative, share and display their own cultural traditions. In addition,
Malaysian cakes, Korean Kimchi and other delicious food from different counties
is available, to promote multi-cultural integration. Students can also exchange
with and learn languages from each other by means of the unique GLOBAL SPACE,
held every Thursday, where students build family-like relationships and
lifetime friendships.
an application-oriented university that emphasises both theory and practice,
Chaoyang University of Technology attaches great importance to develop
professional skills. Like the “San Chuang Education”, an education
method that is actively promoted and consists of three creative concepts:
originality, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It is a system for nurturing
students to gradually become innovative multi talents. So far, results of this
promotion have been outstanding. Not only have Chaoyang students won six
consecutive championships at the Cross-Strait venture competition, but
graduates of the university have been voted again as the most favoured students
by 3000 companies in Taiwan.


the Chaoyang University of Technology, which has signed cooperation agreements
with more than 400 international universities across the world, has also
initiated a system of sending thousands of students to study abroad. Since
2014, the university has picked 1000 students in every two years to study
abroad. The main objective for such a system is to let every student from
different backgrounds have a chance to go aboard and to widen their vision.
These diversified teaching characteristics and rich resources make Chaoyang
University of Technology the first choice for studying abroad for many oversea
students in this competitive 21st century.

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